Club DreamBig conditions of use

Be part of the DreamBig club!

This document constitutes the terms and conditions for a wholesale in our e-commerce, subject to both parties to the conditions of use.

Terms and conditions:

When entering and using this website, identified with domain name (owned by Juan de Lascurain), you are accepting the Terms and Conditions of Use contained in this contract and expressly declare their acceptance using electronic means for that purpose.

If you do not accept the terms and conditions of this contract in absolute and complete terms, you must refrain from accessing the website with a preferential

If you agree, use a preferential account ofwww.dreambigworld.comshall be considered as an absolute and express acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of Use herein stipulated. The use of the Internet page alone gives the general public the status of user (hereinafter referred to as the “user” or “users”) and involves the acceptance, full and unconditional of all and all of the general and particular conditions included in these Terms of Use.

Any modification to these Terms of Use shall be made when DreamBig considers it appropriate, with the sole responsibility of you to ensure that you are aware of such modifications.


You and DreamBig agree that the use of the shall be subject to the following rules:

  1. With regard to the information contained on the, the user acknowledges and accepts that the information published or contained on that site will be clearly identified in such a way that it is recognized that it comes from and has been generated by DreamBig
  2. However, the information, concepts and opinions published on that site do not necessarily reflect the position of Originals Shyla and its employees, directors and dealers (hereinafter “affiliates”). For this reason, DreamBig is not responsible for any of the information, opinions and concepts that are issued on the website concerned. Similarly, DreamBig does not take responsibility for the information contained on the Internet page, including sub-pages, on the understanding that the use and follow-up of the Internet is low risk and user responsibility
  1. By buying some of the DreamBig club memberships, you accept the following conditions:
  1. Buying your membership will be assigned a custom discount code married to your email you registered for more security.
  2. Club DreamBig discounts are different, depending on the membership you buy that will be your discount on public final price, not applying to other discounts or promotions.
  3. It has free shipments on all your orders to the entire Mexican Republic
  4. You'll have access to exclusive launches.



 How can I start my business?

It's very simple, be part of the DreamBig club, and we'll help you develop the tools needed to start your way to success. You can work with us from your home or work.

Increase customers, invest in your own business, achieve that economic independence you so desire with DreamBig.

What is it to be Club Dream Big?
By becoming a member, it is to be a person with great aspirations to perform business opportunities.

Why be Club Dream Big?
You will be part of the Dream Big World family, a 100% Mexican brand, with designs made by artist Juan de Lascurain with more than 15 years of experience in the manufacture of beaches, bags, backpacks and other products.

What do I get offered unlike other brands by catalog?
We differed in creating totally Mexican designs. We are an evolving brand that seeks closeness with your consumers. We have a balance between Design, Quality and Price.

What benefits do I have as part of Club Dream Big?
- You have 20%, 25% or 30% discount on all your purchases,
- Send free to any part of the Mexican Republic.
- We can send your consumer his articles
You can add up to 4 different addresses on each order.

How do I get my membership?
We'll lead you step by step like checking in.

1.- Enter a
2.- Click on the icon in person form.
(Located in the main menu on the top right)
Then click on “Create Account”
In case you don't find it, click here
3.-Write your name, surname, email and password, click on create account.
4.-You will be emailed to activate your account.
(Check your inbox or SPAM folder) click on account activation and forward you back to to enter your password twice for security.

5.- Ready! You already have your account done, now enter your address to send the order to your home. (You can add up to 4 different addresses)
6.- Choose the membership you want. Basic, Premium, or Gold.

7.- When you buy membership, you will get an email with your custom discount code with which you can make all your purchases.


How can I order?
We'll lead you step by step like making your order.

Enter and follow the following steps:

  1. Click the icon in person form.
    (Located in the main menu on the top right)
    In case you don't find it, click here
    Enter your user and password.
  2. Navigate through the collections of shore, backpacks, bags, caps and other products. Select the product or garment from your preference, with color and size, add to the shopping cart.
  3. Head to the cart (locate icon in the form of super market cart on top right), click to finish order.
  4. On the right you will find a space where you will add your code to get the discount on your purchase.
  5. Enter your contact information (Name, address, email and phone) and click on shipment. Here you can add several addresses depending on where you want delivery. ( Maximum 4 addresses) Click on the “ buttonContinue with shipments”.
  6. Your shipment will be calculated free of charge or otherwise you will pay the shipment. Click the button on “Continue payment”.
  7. It is time to select the payment method.
    Pay in this option if you have Paypal's own account.
    Payment market:
    Pay with credit cards, debit, and convenience stores.
    (Oxxo, 7 Evelen, Savings Pharmacies, Chedraui, House Law, telecomm.)
    Deposit or bank transfer:
    You can deposit in the window of selected banks or make bank transfer by the app or bank page of your preference.
  8. Select the address where your order will be sent.
  9. Finally click on “FINALIZING FIRST” and you will be emailed with the confirmation of your order.


Is there a minimum purchase?
Depends on each membership there is a minimum purchase.

Club DreamBig Basic
Minimum purchase of $899

Club DreamBig Premium
Minimum purchase of $1,399

Club DreamBig Gold
Minimum purchase of $3,499


Can I make changes?
Yes, you'll be counting on 30 days after you order to make the corresponding change.

The return goes from you and by sending the corresponding change goes on our own.
For more information, see changes policies.

If you doubt it, you help yourself by phone.
Of course, you will have agents who will attend to you via Whatsapp. 52-55-5966-0486 on a Monday to Friday schedule from 9 to 6 pm.